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Pick Us! Warts And All...

It is a hellava tough market out there and candidates are taking more times than ever to decide if a business is really for them. How can you ensure you are standing out from the crowd?

We hear so much about employer branding and how powerful it is, but a REAL employer branding is not a simple matter. It’s more than a catchy slogan or offering unique employee perks. While those can be components of effective branding, you can’t stop at surface-level marketing. A genuinely effective employer brand projects a comprehensive image encompassing your company culture, values, and (drumroll, please) employee experience.

In short, employer branding should answer the question, “Why should I work at this organisation?” without requiring a candidate to ask. That’s a tricky proposition, but with a strategic and authentic approach, you too, can add employer branding to your recruiting arsenal.

Defining Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

At the core of your employer brand is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This is the unique set of benefits and experiences your company offers. It also sets your company apart from other companies recruiting for top talent.

To craft your EVP, think about your company mission, values, and workplace culture. Brainstorm on what makes your organisation different. If your business is a startup or about to hit a growth phase, don't miss the opportunity to demonstrate a chance to get in on the ground floor.

After working through the details of what makes your company unique, draft a clear and concise EVP. Make sure it speaks to the type of talent you’re currently recruiting. Your EVP could be short and snappy or a more detailed statement. The most important thing is being authentic and transparent about your offer.

What's Your Story?

Perhaps the most challenging part of employer branding is sharing your company culture. It can be hard to define, as company culture is often more of a feeling than something tangible. To express it effectively, round up the best writers in your organisation because storytelling is an excellent way to showcase company culture.

You can tell the story in various ways. You can feature employee profiles on your career page. Video testimonials about work experiences and what employees value most about your company can go a long way toward building a strong brand.

The key is to be... that is right, you guessed it.. authentic! The goal is to connect with recruits on a human level. When the right candidate realises your company’s values align with theirs, you know your brand was effectively communicated.

Use Social Media!

Although it’s no simple task, crafting employee branding is easier today for one simple reason: social media is ubiquitous today.

Social media is a goldmine for marketing and branding efforts. Each popular platform offers a unique way to connect with an audience. In the case of recruiting, that audience is potential candidates looking for the next great job opportunity. Sharing company news, employee achievements, and positive news can showcase your brand in real time.

Your Employees Are Your BEST Ambassadors (treat them well!)

Think of your employees as social media brand ambassadors. When they share their positive experiences on social media, it feels authentic. It also holds more weight with potential recruits who follow your social media.

The trick here is to enable employees to act as ambassadors for your company. You can set up a small office as a makeshift recording studio where employees can drop in and tell their stories. Guide them through the process by offering suggestions for branded content, such as sharing testimonials or their best work experiences.

Monitoring and Managing Online Reputation

The key to making social media a central aspect of employer branding is diligently monitoring your online presence. Remember that online discussions—on social media and beyond—shape your company’s reputation. Monitoring and managing your online reputation is an essential activity for employer branding.

Keep an eye on platforms like Glassdoor, where candidates gauge what it’s like to work at your company. Negative reviews or bickering on social media are an unfortunate part of life. The best way to handle them is to respond promptly and professionally.

The Benefits of Employer Branding

Employer branding takes effort, and you might not get it right the first time. That’s OK, as long as you keep trying. A compelling employer brand attracts top talent, which helps reduce recruiting costs and improves overall employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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