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"Oh the things you can find, if you don't stay behind!" ~ Dr Seuss

In 2015 I was privileged to be inducted into a programme that centred around transformation and change. I was immersed into a sea of unknown which was exhilarating, exciting and at times a little disconcerting. Taking people out of their comfort zone to prepare them for the future, whilst also discovering new ideas personally, was a little like pirouetting close to the edge of a cliff. I loved every moment of it. I relish a challenge and I thrive under pressure. Perhaps then, it was unsurprising that I decided to leave an incredible organisation and set up The Woolf Partnership in late 2018. At my best when slightly discombobulated, nothing could have prepared me for the rollercoaster that is starting your own business and certainly not what the next few years had in store for us. Our journey started with a purpose.

The Woolf Partnership was built to Transform Leadership Teams.

With the benefit of having worked closely with people who truly understood the power of business purpose, I wanted ours to be clear. The organisational heartbeat of The Woolf Partnership is that we work with forward thinking, innovative and hugely authentic candidates and match them up with organisations that will allow them to thrive. In turn, these candidates enable those businesses to ride each wave of growth and remain relevant, exciting and successful.

It was not long before we began talking about Transformational Leadership and why it is crucial for our clients. Our definition for Transformational Leadership was born:

Authentic. Transparent. Positively Disruptive.

Pushing forward and operating at full steam ahead, we then added an additional service to our business, which now offers Executive Search; Market Mapping; Leadership Analysis and Candidate Coaching.

And then the world stopped turning for a few moments. Allowing us time to catch our breath. Founded by a working parent, fuelled by working parents, we were not immune to the stress of working and home schooling and it wasn't long before we, like everyone else, became used to doing more and resting less.

We have been so fortunate to work with incredible candidates and clients the past few years, even during the unprecedented times we have been living in. People who have been patient when internet speeds have slowed, meetings have been rearranged to suit caring needs, or when small children and dogs have joined calls. Amongst all of the juggling The Woolf Partnership has made some exciting changes and we want to share them with you!

  1. Our new website is up and running! Please take some time to check out the content and watch out for our new material.

  2. We have a brand new Transformational Leadership video launching this week. You will NOT be disappointed.

  3. Finally, a new permanent Woolf Partnership member joined us earlier in the year and I felt it was time to formally introduce him. The newest member of the pack is called Harry and so far he has shown little interest in the business. His big sister and brother however, had final say on the images used for the new website. They currently have no desire to be headhunters, but there is still time to change their minds.

The latest team member has settled in well.

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