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The Power of Networking: Leveraging Your Relationships For Successful Recruitment

The term “networking” has been applied to many segments of society. You can build friendships by networking, find your next house by networking, and even find your significant other by networking. Who you know remains one of the key indicators of success.

Recruiters use networking in one of the most powerful ways: connecting prospects with the right employment opportunities. Being a successful recruiter in today’s job market means using your networking skills to make these vital connections. Networking has evolved in recent years, allowing you access to more and better recruitment tools and strategies.

Building Professional Networks and Relationships

Do not underestimate the value of your professional connections when recruiting. 

You can build your professional network through relationships with former coworkers, employers, college friends, and service providers. Any relationship can turn into a network asset. 

Your neighbour may work in your industry. Your dentist's cousin may have the professional background you seek. The people already in your life are excellent sources for employment candidates. Maintaining these connections is central to your success and helps you build an ever-expanding network.

Effective Use of LinkedIn and Other Platforms

Digital platforms, such as LinkedIn, have become a favourite recruiting tool because they offer a large pool of talent that is simple to access. They are also cost-effective, which makes them even more attractive (unless you are a recruiter, in which case it is a different story altogether!) In addition, you can create a powerful ad and post it immediately. These platforms can be hugely effective. Many brilliant connections have been made through these forums, and you may have found them helpful in your pursuit of talent.

They also have some drawbacks. Because the application process is so easy, your job posts will attract more imperfect candidates than other recruitment methods. Often, applicants just have to click an apply button to send their CVs to you, so they apply for a plethora of jobs. Weeding through these subpar applications can be time-consuming and fruitless.

Some recruiters believe that online platforms lend an air of informality inappropriate for the jobs they advertise. Your posts on these services also compete with hundreds of other recruiters, so you may lose out to competitors. These platforms can be part of your recruitment efforts but should not constitute most of them.

Harnessing Employee Referrals

Creating a solid employee referral program will bring you quality job candidates. These leads are often of higher quality because the current employee risks their reputation by making a referral. They also demonstrate their commitment to the company by vouching for it as a good workplace. 

You should use employee referrals to fill jobs faster and at a lower cost. Incentives and bonuses to your current employees for their help work well and are affordable. The staff members will be more engaged since they will work with people they know and respect.

Attending Industry Conferences and Events

The top prospects in your industry often attend conferences and other events. These are great places to enhance your professional network and find highly qualified people looking for new opportunities. This strategy has significant advantages. The ease of recruitment offsets the cost of attending the conference. You instantly gain a large prospect pool and save hours searching for the right people for your positions.

People who attend these events are usually deeply invested in their industry and continually look to improve their skills while staying abreast of trends. They are excellent candidates for recruitment. The key, and we cannot stress this enough, is not to simply send your recruiters to these events. If you are SERIOUS about finding talent, make sure hiring managers are out there, meeting with candidates and networking.

Collaborating with Industry Influencers

This is the age of the influencer. You may associate the term with fashion, an industry that pays people to wear its products and encourages others to do so as well. These influencers have many followers and can get the word out instantly about a hot company or designer. That means they have real power to influence an entire industry.

Other industries have influencers, people whose words mean everything to their followers. For instance, technology influencers have devoted fans and can make or break new advanced tech products. Find influencers in your industry and work with them to promote your company’s opportunities. You should receive a significant boost to your recruitment efforts.


Networking expands your reach and connects you with qualified candidates, saving you time and money while filling an open position. You can network in multiple ways, including at conferences and through digital platforms. Influencers and current employees can certainly help your recruiting efforts.

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